A Meteoric Event!

Uncannily, meteorites landed on school grounds in each of the Cumbria Education Trust (CET) Schools today. The boulder-sized chondrite that struck WHS narrowly missed the Media Department!

Luckily this ‘phenomenon’ was part of an exciting cross-trust extended writing day entitled ‘It Came from Space’.

A stimulus video – a mock news bulletin reporting the ‘meteorite’ landings – was created and screened across all schools in the morning. This sparked a whole host of exciting writing activities.

At WHS we had a superb morning of KS3 cross-curricular writing based on the ‘meteorite’ strike: film scripts, poetry, novels, news scripts, code cracking, Spacebook, to name just a few. Students enthusiastically engaged in lots of different genres of writing.

Later in the day we welcomed Year 6 pupils from Longtown and Yewdale Primary Schools for an afternoon of Science investigations. WHS Sixth Form students took on the role of NASA scientists and ably assisted the younger children in their experiments. It was superb to see the different age groups working in partnership.