Go-kart Engineering

Year 9 Engineering students put their go-karts to the test on Wednesday. Throughout the year, the teams of students engaged in all the required processes to design, test and build their go-karts. They designed and welded up the chassis; spent many weeks designing braking and steering systems; before finally giving their vehicles a personality and body shell. Now the moment had come to determine which ‘mean machine’ performed best.

The karts where tested through a series of tough challenges, including speed, manoeuvrability, reversing and braking accuracy. All sped round the course, handling the corners well (which was a lot to do with the enthusiastic pushers and drivers!).

The results:

  • 1st place: Del Trotters Independent Traders (Cameron Thomson, Jay Dixon, Jay-Jay Cooney, Dylan Friel)
  • 2nd place: Three Wheels Good (Oliver Kennedy, Harry Farquharson, Lewis Robinson)
  • 3rd place: Charlie’s Hells Angels (Callum Dymock, Lewis Boyd, Charlie Robinson, Will Blair)
  • 4th place: John Jeep (Max Hope, Will Smallwood, Thomas Macgregor, Sam Williamson, Lenny Rhodes)

Thanks to Steve Durrant for his help throughout the year and great advice to the students.

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