Looking After Our Mental Health

An important consideration in school is looking after the Mental Health of both our students and our staff. To coincide with World Mental Health Day on Wednesday, 10 October, this week’s assemblies are being used to communicate the new strategies in school for supporting our students’ mental wellbeing.

A number of staff have been trained to become mental Health ‘First Aiders’. They wear Green Ribbon Pin Badges (the symbol of the Mental Health Foundation), so that students can identify them should they need to speak to someone about any worries or stresses they have. In addition, we are launching a Sixth Form Mentors Programme, whereby a selection of Sixth Formers will be trained to lend support to peers in the younger year groups. The mentors will be able to flag up any potential concerns to relevant staff if necessary.

Within the students’ planners (diaries) there are two pages devoted to Wellbeing information with signposts to sources of help. Resources for students, staff and parents are also being developed on the school’s website and VLE.

Wellbeing pages from the student planners

During the week, students are completing a short online survey to enable us to gauge the overall mental wellbeing of the school’s population.