Mancester Theatre Trip

On Friday evening after school, 50 Drama and Performing Arts students travelled down to the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester to enjoy a performance of ‘The Producers’, an adaptation of the Cult Comedy film by Mel Brooks.

Lewis Logie (Year 13) reports:

On Friday 25th of January we took our annual trip with the Drama Department to see The Producers at The Royal Exchange Theatre’s Christmas/New Year musical in Manchester. As always I was laughing from start to finish. Every year their productions are original, witty and sophisticatedly produced. They get better and better every time we go, getting more and more inventive and comedic every year. I always think I’ve seen their best production yet, until they further themselves as a producing theatre to create something even more inventive and funny. This will be my final year seeing their Christmas musical with the WHS Drama Department, however I know I will continue to see their productions in the future with the rest of my peers leaving this year. They continue to get 5 star reviews every year, and they have topped themselves again with this hilariously vibrant production and I can’t wait what to see what they do next year.