New Year 7 Students Explore Brampton History

The new Year 7 students have begun their History course with a study of Brampton and the surrounding area. Each class has embarked upon a walking tour of Brampton, which stirred up interest and helped students understand the history which surrounds them and the relationship between a place and historical events.

The first point of interest was the Old Police Station, which they learnt was formerly a Magistrates Court. Traces of the old ‘Magistrates Court’ sign can still be seen above the entrance.

Their next stop was St Martin’s Church, which was designed by the Pre-Raphaelite architect Philip Webb and features beautiful stained glass windows by Edward Burne-Jones.

On route to the Moot Hall, they paused by the Howard Arms on Front Street to read the plaque that proclaims Charles Dickens slept there.

The Moot Hall has been the centrepiece of Brampton’s market place since 1648. Here the students were able to browse an exhibition about evacuees that came to the area during World War 2.

Prince Charlie’s House, one of the oldest buildings in town, was another landmark on the tour. The house is so named because Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed there in 1745 while his army besieged nearby Carlisle.