Exams & Revision

For information regarding exams please contact Mrs Gill McLean (Exams Officer)

phone icon Tel: 016977 45719    email icon Email: examinations@williamhoward.cumbria.sch.uk

Internal Exam Dates

Year 11: 2-13 December 2019
Year 13: 13-24 January 2019
Year 11: 24-28 February 2020 (PIXL mock) Year 11 Internal Exam Timetable Feb to March 2020
Year 12: 16-20 March 2020 Year 12 Internal Exam Timetable March 2020
Year 9: 15-19 June 2020
Year 10: 15-26 June 2020


Regular subject revision sessions are available for Year 11 students: Year 11 Revision Timetable (Feb 2020) Please note, this timetable will be added to, so please check for updates.  

Wellbeing During Exams

Exams can be an extremely challenging and stressful time. Click here for advice and sources of support for students’ wellbeing during exam times.

GCSE & A Level Results:

Result sheets issued on Results Days are provisional results. The exam boards do not issue certificates until the end of October, after the review deadline has passed. Certificates are not posted home as exam boards do not replace certificates lost in the post.  You can collect certificates on Presentation Evening in December, or alternatively you can collect them from school after this date.

POST RESULTS SERVICES (Review of Marking and Access to Scripts)

All enquiries MUST be sent to the exam boards via the Exams Office at William Howard School. The exam boards will not process any enquiries directly submitted from a candidate or parent. If you request any one of these services, consent must be given on the appropriate forms available.  This is to ensure that you have read and understood that candidates’ marks and subject grades may be confirmed, lowered or raised.

Please note that the exam boards will not accept any late requests for these services. Candidates will be charged per unit/component for all qualifications, however a refund will follow if the grade changes.

Information for Candidates

Mobile Phones

Categories of sanctions of exam boards for mobile phones infringements:

  • Not in the candidates possession but active e.g. ringing in bag – WARNING LETTER
  • In the candidates possession switched ON or OFF, but no evidence of use – ZERO FOR THE UNIT THEY ARE SITTING AT THE TIME
  • On the candidate and evidence of use e.g. texting or answering a call – DISQUALIFIED FROM THE SUBJECT
  • Maximum penalty for repeated offences – 2 YEAR BAN FROM SITTING ANY EXAM WITH ANY OF THE EXAM BOARDS