Supercool Science Museum Roadshow Visits WHS

Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 were treated to exceptionally cool science lessons yesterday. Staff from the British Science Museum in London presented a dynamic science show entitled ‘Supercool Show’ to each year group. The audience gasped and whooped as ‘Plasticine Pete and Pam’ travelled to the extremes of temperature, demonstrating the incredible effects of liquid nitrogen.

Aimed at captivating youngsters with a fantastical show of astonishing experiments, the roadshow uses liquid nitrogen for extraordinary special effects, including freezing bananas and inflating balloons at lighting speed.

After school, members of the Science and STEM Clubs took part in a hands-on workshop. Engineering skills were tested as the teams were given the task of building a self-supporting waterway with a set number of items. There was great excitement testing the structures – thankfully the large inflatable paddling pool captured any spillages!

We are grateful to the University of Cumbria who brought the Science Museum Outreach Team to school as part of a bid to encourage young people to consider careers in science, research, engineering and technology.

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