Tanzanian Link

Founded in 1989, the William Howard School – Uru Secondary School link has been a great asset to both the Uru and Brampton communities.

More than just a simple exchange programme, the Link allows an exchange of culture, traditions and ideas, offering a unique eye-opening experience to all those who participate in it.

The rural village of Uru is located in the Moshi district of Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. About 8 miles from Moshi, the village itself is on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Uru Secondary School is a co-ed church school with about 400 students in Forms 1 to 4.

The Link was formed in 1987 when the coordinator, Phil Furneaux, met the Chair of Uru School Governors at an Energy Conference in Cumbria. At first WHS sent textbooks and other gifts to Uru. The first exchange took place in 1989 when a group of 13 students from WHS went to Uru. Until very recently there has been an exchange visit each way every other year (except in 2002 when the visit was postponed due to a terrorist threat).

A few Uru students come to study in the Sixth Form at WHS on long term visits, and a number of WHS students go to teach English at Uru School during their gap years.

Tanz LinkA Brief History of the Link:

  • 1987, April: Phil Furneaux met Mr Macha, Chair of Uru School
  • 1989, April: First visit to Uru School by a WHS teacher
  • 1989, July: First student exchange visit to Uru School
  • 1990, June: First student exchange visit to WHS
  • 1991, July: Headteacher of WHS goes to Uru on a student exchange
  • 1991/92: Tanzanian student joins WHS Sixth Form for one year
  • Tanzanian students are in Sixth Form for next 5 years
  • 1995, April: Laboratory project
  • 1997, April: First curriculum development visit
  • 1999, April: Second Curriculum development visit
  • 2001, April: Third curriculum development visit
  • 2006 Ellen Mothersdale succeeded Phil Furneaux as Coordinator
  • 2012 Celebrated the Link’s 25th anniversary

View a report of the visit to Uru in 2011: pdf Tanzanian Link Report July 2011