A Spectalur Science Lecture

Last Friday our Year 11 students were treated to an exciting science lecture with guest speaker, Dr Ian Johnston. Dr Johnston is an academic engineer and applied mathematician with a passion for taking science to the masses. He was a scientific expert and Richard Hammond’s aid on “Battle of the Geeks”, and has been academic consultant to many programmes including “Bang Goes The Theory”. He also works as an Engineering lecturer for the Open University.

Ian believes that engineering is about to enter its most exciting phase for years: a new scientific and industrial revolution in which humanity must learn how do everything again, but this time in a sustainable way. This breakthrough is going to take the brightest, keenest, most imaginative and creative minds for generations, and enthusing people of all ages and backgrounds is key.

He certainly enthused our Year 11 students: his demonstration which involved lighting up a gherkin, sparked real fascination and wonder with his audience at WHS!