Students celebrate GCSE Results

After five years of hard study our Year 11 students have picked up their well-deserved GCSE results. As a cohort they have faced more exams than any students before them, the majority sitting 20-plus papers. This coupled with the fact that they have covered far more material and to a greater depth than any of their predecessors makes their achievements all the more rewarding for them.

Whether it is the straight grade 7/8/9 students or those achieving their own targets we wish them the very best in the next stage of their educational journeys. For many that will be Sixth Form study here at William Howard or at a local college and an increasing number will start one of the fantastic local apprenticeships that are available. All the students should feel proud of what they have accomplished and take that next step with confidence. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Some individual successes to highlight include:

  • Georgina Craig who achieved 9 grade 9’s
  • Mollie Hillary who achieved 7 grade 9’s and 2 grade 8’s
  • Esther Rowntree who achieved 6 grade 9’s and 3 grade 8’s
  • Harry Sidaway who achieved 6 grade 9’s and 2 grade 8’s
  • Kayla Halliwell who achieved 6 grade 9‘s and 2 grade 8’s
  • Stephanie Beimers who achieved 4 grade 9’s and 4 grade 8’s