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September Arrangements

An outline of plans for return to school in September.

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Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

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Wellbeing & Mental Health

Wellbeing & Mental Health

Wellbeing information and sources of advice and support.

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  • Dear New Friends

    Dear New Friends

    During 2020, many care homes requested that letters be written to their residents as they were unable to see their family and friends. This week, we invited our …Read More »
  • A Different Perspective

    A Different Perspective

    Year 9 Video Production have been learning about ‘forced perspective photography’. They had lots of fun with the project and the completed images are great! Photoshop was not …Read More »
  • Year 10 Dance Rehearsals

    Year 10 Dance Rehearsals

    Our Year 10 Dance students have been working hard towards a practical exam in contemporary dance. Here’s a glance of some of the amazing work they’ve been doing …Read More »
  • Happy Musicians

    Happy Musicians

    The Year 7 Choir Club have been working on the song ‘Happy’. Here’s how they sound after only 3 short rehearsals: The Year 10 Music Club have also …Read More »
  • Young Geographer Competition

    Young Geographer Competition

    The winners of the 2020 Young Geographer of the Year Competition were announced today.  “The World Outside My Window” was the theme for the competition and included studies …Read More »
  • The Younger Ones!

    The Younger Ones!

    Year 11 Video Production students have been rebooting and remaking the opening credits for The Young Ones. Here are some of their creative results: Bring back any memories? …Read More »
  • Year 13 Geographers in the Field

    Year 13 Geographers in the Field

    Year 13 Geography students have been carrying out fieldwork for their NEAs (Non-Examined Assessments) today. They were collecting data for their individual investigations on topics such as urban …Read More »
  • Extra-curricular Activities (Autumn 2020)

    Extra-curricular Activities (Autumn 2020)

    Download the timetable of this term’s extra-curricular activities here: Extra-curricular Timetable Autumn 2020 It was fantastic to see (and hear) so many Year 7 students at Choir practice …Read More »
  • Open Spaces Family Grows

    Open Spaces Family Grows

    Open Spaces have two new residents, Gordon and Gino. These beautiful Guinea Pigs needed a new home, so we hope they will be happy in the OS extended …Read More »
  • WHS Wellbeing Briefing (21 September)

    WHS Wellbeing Briefing (21 September)

    View the our weekly wellbeing advice and information here: WHS Wellbeing Briefing (21 September 2020)Read More »