2023 Exam Updates

Dear Parents

You may have seen headlines on 29 September regarding decisions that have been made about exams in summer 2023. I am writing to explain more fully what this means for students preparing for GCSEs, AS, A Levels and vocational exams this year.

The government, the exams regulator Ofqual and the exam boards have confirmed the following:

  • At a national level, grades will be in line with grades in 2019. This was always likely to be the case this year, after a one-year transition year when exams returned in 2022.
  • However, there will be a safety net to ensure that, nationally, grades are not lower than they were in 2019.
  • This means that, generally speaking, students have the same chance of getting a grade A* to C at A level, or a grade 9 or 5 at GCSE, as in 2019.
  • Exams in vocational and technical qualifications will also return to a 2019 grade profile.
  • Formula sheets will be provided in the GCSE Maths, Physics and Combined Sciences exams, meaning that students will not need to memorise these formulae or equations.
  • Advanced information about where to focus revision, which was provided in 2022, will not be provided this year. Students will need to learn and revise the whole specification as normal. Any topic could come up in the exam.
  • If a student has studied the whole course but is ill during the exam period they may be able to receive a grade by sitting one paper in the qualification rather than the previous rule of 25% of the assessment, although certification of illness will be needed.
  • The exam boards are currently consulting on the exam timetable. In most qualifications, there is at least a week between the first and last exam paper to ensure that if students are ill for one paper they are able to sit another.

If you have any further general questions please contact Mrs Swan for Year 13 or Miss Mulholland for Year 11, who will be able to advise you. I wish students the best of luck over the coming year, and hope you continue to work hard.

Yours sincerely

Chris McAree

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