Drama at the Open Evening

During the Year 6 Open Evening our Drama Department became the scene of a horrific crime – the murder of Lord Re’Drum. His body was found slumped in his chair with rose petals and his last will and testament scattered around him.

Suspects included the gardener, ‘Doug Deeply’; the Lord’s wife, ‘Lady Re’Drum; the butler, ‘Peeves’; and his tennis coach, Annette (who he was also having an affair with).

Our police and detectives couldn’t have solved the case without the help of the new budding detectives who were visiting that evening. Thanks to all the young detectives that helped solve the case of ‘The Murder of Lord Re’Drum’. We have the culprit in custody and they will soon be facing trial.

All the students involved did an amazing job. Year 12 and 13 students Andrew Woodmass-Calvert, Olivia Harrison, Rowan Gallagher and George Berry became the suspects and had to stay in character for the evening being interrogated by all of the visitors to the school.

Our very own Police and Detectives (Owen Howdon Year 13, Casey Roberts Year 12, Lizzy Trenell Year 13, Antonia Kirkpatrick Year 9, Zach Ealey Year 9) led the Year 6 students around the suspects whilst they questioned them each in turn before deciding who was guilty.