A Cycling Challenge

A massive well done to Gwen Mearns in Year 7 for tackling the 6 Week Endurance Challenge. She started the challenge on 26th March and finished it on 29th May. Gwen and her dad cycled around the local area, clocking up a total of 153 miles during eight rides. Gwen said, “It was great fun and it got me out cycling more!”

Here’s what they did:

Date              Miles           Metres of ascent 

26th March   18 miles           416m
2nd May        26.5 miles       640m
9th May         20 miles          464m
11th May       20 miles          432m
16th May      22 miles           411m
20th May      15.3 miles        348m
27th May      9.5 miles          308m
29th May      22 miles           420m

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