A Doctor in the House

This week’s ‘Meet the Professional’ talk was with Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Alex Stubbing-Moore. Students who are interested in finding out about the various routes into the NHS asked questions about dentistry, paramedics, mental health, research roles, palliative care, as well as becoming a doctor.

Dr Stubbing-Moore, who was educated in Cumbria and studied in the Northeast, talked through each stage of the process he undertook to become a doctor, including his specialism (ophthalmologists specialize in eye care); and informed students of ways they can support their applications to university when they are in a position to apply.

One of the most popular careers our students ask Mrs Hill, our Careers Lead in school, is how they can work in the NHS – perhaps as a result of the recent pandemic highlighting this pathway.

The session was very informative and allowed students to see how a career in the NHS could be possible for them.  We are very grateful to Dr Stubbing-Moore for taking the time to come along to talk to and support our students.

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