A Level Results 2020

A huge congratulations to all the students who have received their results today after what has been an unprecedented period in education. It has been terrific to see so many of the students again in person, many of which haven’t been back on site since March. The smiles and banter we have certainly missed.

The vast majority of students have achieved the grades they need to move onto to the next stage in their learning and lives; be that University, a Conservatoire, Drama School, an Apprenticeship or indeed employment. As always we have students with straight A*s and straight As, but just as important is looking at the individuals who have achieved what they were personally aiming for, no matter what that level that was. The system for allocating the grades this year is certainly not one of our choosing and it is imperfect. That said, most students have received grades in line with what we would have expected and where that hasn’t been the case we are here to support them to get into University and going forward with any appeals as necessary as that system becomes clearer.

As I wrote to all students last night the system has tried to find a solution to a complex problem and we hope that in the results and subsequent potential changes, they will all be enabled to move onto what they want to do. We all need to remember that whatever a person’s next step is going to be, that they have learnt much in their studies; that knowledge, skills and overall development are things that grades and numbers can never fully define.

Chris McAree (Headteacher)

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