A London Adventure

Year 7 student, Phoebe Huddart, performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End in February. Here’s her account of her London adventure…

Carlisle 9:05am Saturday, 8 February 2020

We were ready to set off to explore the life of London. I felt nervous, because of the big night ahead of me I also felt excited to explore the city and perform on one of the West End stages. The train started to move, and I got more excited by the minute.

London 12:30pm

We were eventually here! We disembarked the train and the station was packed with people like sardines in a can. As we got out of the station I suddenly remembered what a busy and crowded place London was. We set off walking to the area we were staying. The hotel soon came to our site between skyscrapers that ruled the sky. We dropped of all our bags and set off on our first adventure of the weekend.


We found our destination in no time as we just had to look up to find it. (It was the tallest standing building in Europe -The Shard) The reason why it is called ‘The Shard’ is because it is made only out of metal and shards of glass. As we got inside I asked, “How high exactly is this building?” I got a reply of a person who worked there, he said “It is 68 floors high” Everyone around was shocked and their faces were puzzled.


We soon reached the halfway point; a change of lift and we off to the top. We stepped out and saw what looked like the entire world! The view out of the building was astonishing you could see as far as the eye could see. We spent some time admiring the view. As we set off down the skyscraper I watched the floors go down- it seemed to take a long time.


After a busy afternoon and rest we set off to enjoy our tea at a restaurant. I really enjoyed my meal, but I still had room for pudding!


Heading back to the hotel we saw many theatres filled with different musicals from various places. I was soon going to be performing on one of them… We got ready for bed and took a last look out the window at the big city we were in.

London 9:00am Sunday 9, February 2020

Today was the day! I wasn’t that nervous since I had an entire day rehearsing at Her Majesties Theatre. I walked in the theatre and stopped for a second, I couldn’t believe how big it was. The stage stood on the left and the rows of teared seating on the right. We reached our dressing room after climbing about 50 flights of stairs and got changed into our costumes for the dress rehearsal. Our group got called for headshots and we headed back down the stairs to the stage.

We had our photos taken and watched the acts before us perform, soon it was our turn to run through.


It went well, and the rehearsal came to an end, I went for tea at a restaurant and arrived back at the theatre an hour later.


The audience pilled in and my heart beat speeded up. As the room went dark and quiet the host called on the first group. Five groups had performed, and our group was next. We were waiting at the wings of the stage memorising the choreography since the dances were challenging. I was doing Mary Poppins and others were doing things like Jamie, Shrek, Sing, Seussical the musical and The greatest dancer. Our turn was here my feelings were all over the place I felt nervous and excited…


As it came to the last performances we went to the Grand circle and watched them perform. The show came to an end and everyone departed the theatre. That night had been the one of the best. As I walked out all I could hear was “Well done, that was excellent!” “That was one of the best performances I have seen!”


We arrived back at the hotel and decided the last adventures we would go on tomorrow. We were going to explore the 5 floors of Hamleys.

London 9:00am Monday, 10 February 2020

Today was our last day so we had to get out early. We walked to Hamelys and looked in a few shops on the way. As we stepped through the door all I could see was toys stacked up on shelves all I could hear was music and noises of toys. We made our way up the floors and looked at some of the demonstrations around. Before we knew it, the time came that we had to go and catch the train.


The station came into our site and we made our way in. Our train came up on the screen and we went to board. We were soon on the train on our way home.


The journey seemed to go fast. I looked out the window and soon saw things I recognised in my sight. The train stopped at a halt and we were off and away. And that was my adventure in London.

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