As Headteacher, it is my privilege to lead our inclusive and high-performing learning community, where we are deeply committed to ensuring that every student reaches their full potential and becomes the best they can be. Our school is built upon the foundation of Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience; values that are not just words but integral to our daily life. These values also align with the core principles of the Cumbria Education Trust, reinforcing our shared commitment to developing character and creating excellence.

We firmly believe that nurturing strong character and resilience in our students is fundamental to their personal and social development. Our students are provided with a wide array of opportunities, both within and outside the curriculum. This diversity of experiences ensures that they eagerly attend and engage in all aspects of school life.

Our dedication to the academic journey of our students is unwavering. We set high expectations and make no apology for expecting hard work and a relentless pursuit of individualised academic excellence. Our passionate teachers, who are highly qualified and devoted to their subjects, bring their enthusiasm into the classroom each day. We take immense pride in our educational facilities and resources, our well-equipped classrooms, are designed to enrich the learning experience across all areas of the curriculum.

At the heart of our school, we are an inclusive community that reveres and celebrates diversity in a nurturing yet disciplined learning environment. Our goal is to help every student discover their unique path, and become responsible and respectful citizens. Here at William Howard, we encourage students to be different, be exceptional and follow their passions. In return, we instil a profound sense of belonging and community spirit. It is within this supportive environment that we believe our students will unlock their full potential, both academically and personally.

I extend a warm welcome to prospective parents and students and hope one day you too will become part of our vibrant learning community.

Yours sincerely

Ms Kath Pigdon, Headteacher