Animal Themed House Competitions

There are two House Team competitions open to students at present, both with an animal connection. As part of Ndizi’s House Week, which is linked to their chosen charities – Oak Tree Animal Sanctuary and Guide Dogs, students are invited to create a portrait of their pet (or any animal) using a media of their choosing. This could be a photograph, a decorated cake, a 3D model, a knitted/crochet/sewn item; the choice is open. There will be a prize for the most creative entry.

The second competition is of course Easter related – decorate an Easter egg as an animal. There will be 2 Easter egg prizes, one for the most creative and another for the most realistic entry.

The closing date for both competitions is Sunday, 18 April 2021, so there’ll be plenty of time during the Easter holidays to submit entries.

To enter, students should send pictures of their entries to their House emails: AcaciaBaobabMpingoNdizi












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