Business on Location

As part of their unit on Marketing, Year 12 Business students carried out surveys in Brampton this week to inform their project planning of how to market a new business in the town and find the ideal location of the business with a fictional start up budget.

Larsson and Emily undertook market research by surveying local residents and identified a gap for the teenage food market. They would open an Ice Cream and Pizza Parlour in the empty ‘Fruits and Roots’ premises. Some of their budget would be spent rendering the building and decorating it with a theme of an old American diner. The car park situated directly opposite offers easy access for customers too.

Following his research, Shun Jie proposed to open an Artisan Bakers positioned next to Cranston’s as the two businesses compliment each other and would benefit from the higher footfall.

Mrs Hill, Curriculum Leaders for Business said, “The subject of business is a real life subject and although you can learn through the internet and text books, bringing the subject to life by physically seeing prospective locations and speaking to local residents shows the practice behind the theory. This was a great opportunity to see the students undertaking team work roles and enjoying learning outside of a classroom environment, which is something they have not been able to do until now”.

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