CET Street Art Competition Winners Announced

Congratulations to all those who have entered the Cumbria Education Trust My Money Week Competition this year.

Landmark Street Art came up with the theme of designing a piece of street art for a wall in Cumbria. Entries were received from across the eleven Cumbria Education Trust schools with pupils aged from 4 to 18 years. The entries included designs of local people, beautiful areas that students and pupils enjoyed visiting and objects you only find in our region. Some of the comments provided as to why the designs were chosen were very moving and reflected the unprecedented times we are living in. Cumbria Education Trust works each year with Young Money as part of their My Money Week supporting the delivery of financial education to Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK. https://www.young-enterprise.org.uk/teachers-hub/financial-education/financial-education-programmes/my-money-week/

The winners in each school will have their picture framed and placed in their school reception area and the overall winner will recieve a £50 junior ISA. Special commendation winners will be presented with an art kit.

Congratulations to Evie Mellor, who was the finalist from the WHS entries. Ben from Landmark Street Art said: “I loved the simplicity of this design and the way the characters are embracing really conveys the feeling put into the work. I can imagine this lifesize somewhere just catching peoples eye and making them think.”

Here is Ben from Landmark Street Art with a quick message to all students who entered.

The overall winner and entries from all the CET schools can be viewed at: Winners of My Money Week 2021 Competition Revealed – Cumbria Education Trust

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