Children in Need Fundraising Fun

Sixth Form students did a fantastic job of organising the Children in Need fundraising in school. As well as the tempting cakes and lemonade stall, money was raised through henna tattoos, a crossbar challenge, a staff doughnut eating contest, car washing, a Mario Kart tournament, and through the sheer pain of leg waxing.

A very grand total of £1,212.30 was raised. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

There was a packed audience for the Teachers’ Doughnut Eating Contest for Children in Need. Teams raced to guzzle doughnuts – no hands allowed. Mr Green certainly enjoyed himself!


True to his word… Mr McAree pledged that he would join Ahmet in the leg wax challenge if he raised £50 during Break 1 – needless to say money came flying in!

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