Considering Religious Voices

Last week the RE Department took part in a special virtual event for Inter Faith Week 2022.  The aim of Inter Faith Week is to build good relationships and working partnerships between different faiths and beliefs.

Students from Year 11 and 12 classes joined the virtual event organised by the Cumbria Virtual Voices in Religious Education (VVRE) project. Prior to the event, Ms Booker worked with the students to come up with 10 questions relating to areas of study for both GCSE RE and A Level Philosophy. The students then voted on which questions they would be most interested to hear responses from a group of seven religious ‘voices’. The event started with medical ethics with questions around whether the voices thought that assisted dying should be legally permitted and whether religious views should affect the law on abortion. The voices then responded to questions around whether war and violence are justified, whether it is right to use religious teachings to justify the oppression of groups, and how voices might try to argue against extremist views about their religion. The session finished with a fascinating question around extra-terrestrials and life on other planets from a faith perspective.

At this event, the students heard responses from Wendy (Buddhist), Daniel (Sufi Muslim), Morgan (Christian), Shelia (Jewish), Philip (Orthodox Christian), Howard (Quaker) and Val (Christian). The students were able to compare and contrast the responses to their questions from different religious worldviews.  The event was recorded and the edited clips will be used to create a digital resource for other schools across Cumbria to use.

Mrs Yates, who is leading the VVRE Project said: “The voices thought the questions were excellent and demonstrated a real engagement with more challenging and sensitive issues by students and teachers. I’m delighted that we now have an invaluable digital resource of benefit to secondary RE and Philosophy classrooms all over Cumbria and beyond.”

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