Behaviour for Learning

Everything that we do at William Howard School is underpinned by the school’s core values that are:

  • Respect – being respectful of the environment and all members of the community.
  • Responsibility – encouraging all to take responsibility for their actions.
  • Resilience – showing resilience in everything that we do to ensure high level achievement both in and out of the classroom.

These values form the basis of all our decisions and processes throughout the school. It is our hope that anyone visiting the school will be able to identify our core values by the attitudes and behaviours they see as they spend time in our school community.

The Relationships (Behaviour) Policy (see Policies page) at William Howard School is a statement of good practice that contributes to the positive ethos at our school. The policy promotes high quality learning relationships for all. William Howard School is committed to the personal growth of its students and the development and welfare of all members of the school community. The school espouses a specific values based approach to pastoral care and discipline based on a Restorative Approaches philosophy.

The Restorative Approaches philosophy provides William Howard with the opportunity to develop self-discipline and positive behaviours in a caring, supportive environment and to develop a relational culture within the school community.

At William Howard School we have clear systems and structures that support staff/student relationships. We encourage independent learning within a supportive structure that aims to develop our students as lifelong learners. Our systems and structures make a large school personal, providing the scaffolding for good learning, independence and character building.