Year 9 Character Curriculum

We believe that character can be shaped through a well-designed curriculum that emphasises values such as respect, responsibility, and resilience. The Year 9 character curriculum aims to develop students’ ethical and social skills, attitudes, and behaviours that contribute to their personal and societal wellbeing. By integrating character education into the curriculum, students learn how to make ethical and responsible decisions, resolve conflicts peacefully, and develop positive relationships with others. Character education is crucial because it helps students to become better citizens who can contribute positively to their communities. Moreover, it prepares students to face challenges and make choices that align with their values, even in difficult situations. Our well-designed character curriculum can instil these values in students, providing a foundation for their personal and academic growth and success.

When students follow the character curriculum in Year 9 they will develop the 9 key character qualities we believe are instrumental in supporting students to be the best they can be:

RESPECT: Positivity | Empathy | Virtue
RESPONSIBILITY: Independence | Collaboration | Honour
RESILIENCE: Courage | Passion | Curiosity

Our Character Curriculum aims to:

  • Incorporate high-quality STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), outdoor learning and cultural capital experiences.
  • Ensure students have full access to a rich technology programme of study.
  • Maximise the potential of a strong, creative staff body drawing fully on their professional, creative and academic backgrounds.
  • Engage and inspire students in creative learning.
  • Develop students to work collaboratively, creatively and independently.

Meeting the National Curriculum

It is really important that we ensure all students still meet the National Curriculum (NC) expectations. During the Summer Term, students will experience drop-down days in Art, Music and DT.

All Character Curriculum subjects are assessed using the same Key Learning Indicator system implemented across KS3.

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Language Leaders
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Sports Leaders

Creativity and the Arts:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • DT- Fashion
  • Music
  • Musical Theatre
  • Photography
  • Video Production

STEM Activities:

  • DT- Design Engineering
  • DT- Food Technology
  • DT- Product Design
  • Media: Games Design

Beyond the Walls of WHS:

  • Languages & Culture
  • Open Spaces
  • Business & Enterprise
  • Creativity & the Arts
  • Philosophy, Politics & Economics