Dance News

Last week, our Performing Arts Department hosted a dance workshop along with Keswick School, linked to the practical element of the GCSE Dance course. During the session, students were able to refine the set dance phrases, and had the opportunity to perform and watch the trio performances. A choreography lesson was delivered by Helen Wrestle, in preparation for the choreographic task of the course. It allowed students to improve the accuracy of the set movement, but also deepen their understanding of performance skills and how to apply them to their dancing successfully.

The following day, Dance students travelled to Manchester to see a matinee performance of Rambert at the Lowry Theatre. This production consists of works by Wayne McGregor, Marion Motin and Hofesh Shechter. Rambert is the set area of work for A level Dance and Wayne McGregor is the choreographer of ‘Infra’, one of the set works in GCSE Dance. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to see Rambert live and should give students an advantage in both the written and practical elements of their courses.