DoE Bronze Award Brampton Expedition

With COVID restrictions in place, the Duke of Edinburgh Award organisation made a number of temporary rule changes to the Expedition component. Participants are no longer required to leave their local area to complete an expedition, so this week two Year 11 Bronze Award groups were able to complete a trek around the Brampton area, starting and ending at school each day. In exchange, more emphasis is placed on the aim of the excursion. As Brampton Parish Council is looking to improve promotion of the town as a tourist destination, the students’ aim was to produce a stock of eye-catching, local photographs for them.

Another variation of the rules meant that the teams were allowed to return home to sleep during their expedition, but they still needed to plan and cook their meal and show camp-craft skills, such as putting up a tent, before heading home at the end of the day. Expeditions must be self-sufficient so, even though the students went home to sleep, they needed to carry all the appropriate expedition kit.

Well done to the teams who completed their expeditions and produced some fantastic local walk guides along the way.

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