Easter Egg Competition

We’re running a House Team Easter Egg Competition over the Easter holidays for you to have fun with.

The general theme is ‘heroes’ – that could be a sports person, performer, doctor, nurse, scientist, writer, a family member, teacher, or a fictional character such as a Marvel superhero (see Mrs Cheal’s eggsample below).

Be resourceful! If you don’t have any eggs in your house, don’t worry. We would love to see your whacky (or should that be quacky?) designs using egg-shaped items. How about an Easter potato or paper-mache egg? The more creative and inventive the better!

How to Enter

Simply take a photo of your decorated ‘egg’ or a drawing of your design idea and upload it to the ‘Task’ that has been sent on the VLE (Firefly) . To verify that that the design is yours, please include your house badge in the photo. Add a label to say who your ‘hero’ is too please (see below). Then visit the competition page on the VLE here to submit your entry.

We will share as many pictures as we can in our gallery below, and winning entries will receive a £10 Amazon voucher!

Now get cracking!

View entries here:

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