Exam Results Days

The A Level and GCSE results days are both in the same week this year:

  • A Level – Tuesday, 10 August 2021
  • GCSE  – Thursday, 12 August 2021

The Joint Council for Qualifications has embargoed all results until 8.30am on both days and this is the time school will open for students to collect their results. UCAS has also similarly been embargoed until 8.30am on A Level results day. As always, our pastoral staff, teachers and Inspira will be on hand to offer assistance and support.

Students will be able to attend and collect their results in person or, if they wish to receive them by email, they need to contact the school Exams Officer, Mrs Muldoon, at lmuldoon@williamhoward.cumbria.sch.uk. Results will be emailed to students requesting this method as soon as possible, but there may be some delays in this occurring.

As everyone is aware, the results will be based upon the Teacher Assessed Grades as determined by the school. The teaching staff have completed a very robust process of awarding these assessed grades for this summer. There has been a rigorous external process of moderation by the exam boards, which continues until the end of this week. This is in addition to the internal moderation and care that has been taken in determining grades, which has been both thorough and professional.

In order to make sure all students understand on which work grades were determined, we have created a dedicated page to show the detailed Evidence Bases that were used in the grading process click here. The school’s Centre Policy, which was approved by the exam boards, is also available and explains the process of determining grades within the school, including how moderation was undertaken.

For information about Teacher Assessed Grades and Appeals, please click here.

Guidance about the appeals process is also available on this page, as well as some associated Frequently Asked Questions.

Result sheets issued on Results Days are provisional results. The exam boards do not issue certificates until the end of October, after the appeal period has passed. Certificates are not posted home as exam boards do not replace certificates lost in the post.  You can collect certificates on Presentation Evening in December (COVID regulations allowing), or alternatively you can collect them from school after this date.

JCQ Grading Timeline (pdf)

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