For information regarding exams please contact Mrs Lorraine Muldoon (Exams Officer)

Tel: 016977 45743     Email:

2023-24 Examinations

Specific dates of the 2023-24 exams for Key Stages 4 and 5 will be shown once they become available.

Summer 2023 Results

Result sheets issued on Results Days are provisional results. The exam boards do not issue certificates until the end of October, after the appeal period has passed. Certificates are not posted home as exam boards do not replace certificates lost in the post.  You can collect certificates on Presentation Evening in December, or alternatively you can collect them from school after this date.

Post Results Service

We hope that all of our students are pleased with their results but there will inevitably be some students who have not achieved what they expected and are worried about next steps.

All Enquiries about Results should first be discussed with the relevant Head of Department and/or Subject Teacher, who will advise on the best course of action. They will have more detail about grade boundaries and can help students decide which of the post results services could be most appropriate. It is rare for marks to change upwards by more than a marginal amount, and any payment made for a review will only be reimbursed if the overall grade increases. Students and parents must be aware that a grade can also stay the same or go down, and that the original result cannot be reinstated where a lower grade has been given following a Review of Results.

More information about Post Results services shown below. Requests must be submitted for each component (paper) and subject on the appropriate consent and payment form – multiple requests can be made on the same form. Please contact Mrs Muldoon, Exams Officer, at if you need additional forms or for any further information relating to the EAR process.

Advice on deciding what to do after receiving your A Level or GCSE Results: JCQ-Post-Results-Services Information Summer 2023

Mobile Phones

Categories of sanctions of exam boards for mobile phones infringements:

  • Not in the candidates possession but active e.g. ringing in bag – WARNING LETTER
  • In the candidates possession switched ON or OFF, but no evidence of use – ZERO FOR THE UNIT THEY ARE SITTING AT THE TIME
  • On the candidate and evidence of use e.g. texting or answering a call – DISQUALIFIED FROM THE SUBJECT
  • Maximum penalty for repeated offences – 2 YEAR BAN FROM SITTING ANY EXAM WITH ANY OF THE EXAM BOARDS

Wellbeing During Exams

We all know that exams can be an extremely challenging and stressful time. If you’re struggling to manage your mood or anxiety levels, don’t keep it to yourself. Friends and family members can be a great source of support, as well as your teachers, the WHS Wellbeing Champions.

Download this guide for helpful advice: Dealing with Exam Pressure: A Guide for Students

These websites have lots of advice on taking care of yourself during revision, examinations, and waiting for the results: – Whether you’re revising, waiting for your exam results, prepping for a job interview or just feeling a bit stressed, we’ve asked those who’ve been through it to share their wisdom. – While revising for exams, we’re often advised to take time out and look after our mental health but how can we do this? Our activist, Rose, shares her favourite ways. – The Mind Set provides information and support on how to manage exam stress. Advice comes from 12 trusted student coaches who have been through it before. They have made videos about their experiences, including about looking after their mental health, and they have also shared their stories with listeners on Radio 1’s Live Surgery.