GCSE Clarification Letter

Dear Year 11 Students

After I spoke to you yesterday we have had some sense of further clarification of how GCSEs will be awarded. As the Secretary of State has confirmed today, the main exam series in the summer has been cancelled.

Exam grades will be based in some way on Teacher Assessment which will be moderated in some manner. There is no expansion on the detail of this and, as a school, we do not expect we will receive the detail behind this plan for some weeks, as it will now be drawn up by OFQUAL and then formally consulted on.  Therefore, I would urge you not to worry about the inevitable speculation that will swirl around the internet and social media, as this will cause greater confusion. As and when OFQUAL release details of the mechanism that they are proposing we will, as always, communicate this with you promptly.

It is now more important than ever to concentrate on finishing your courses and developing your learning by engaging fully in your remote learning. It is through attending your lessons, completing the work set and the assessments and assignments given to you that your teachers will be best able to form judgements on the grade that you may be awarded. There will be the need for an evidence base, and I am sure that you will be eager to ensure that this reflects the high standards you would have wanted to achieve in the summer exams had they taken place.

As always, we will continue to support you with your planning for your next steps, be that Sixth Form, Apprenticeships, or College. We will be sending out more details about these routes and options over the coming weeks to help you in your decisions. Ms Ledger and Mrs Jones are always available to talk via Teams or by email, please do not hesitate to contact them if you need help.

I know this is an unsettling time for you all, but I would reassure you that we will do all we can to make sure you get the grades that will reflect your hard work both before Christmas and during the rest of this academic year.

Yours sincerely

Mr McAree, Headteacher
Ms Ledger, Director of Learning – Year 11


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