Growing from Strength to Strength

Much has been happening at William Howard Open Spaces during lockdown and signs of spring are now very apparent in the OS grounds. Six ewes are heavily pregnant with the eagerly awaited lambs due at the beginning of April. In addition, the group will be receiving a couple of orphan lambs from a local farm to hand rear and look after, so they’ll get plenty of hands-on experience with the newborns. During lockdown, the sheep have been grazing on the ‘hill’ adjacent to the Astro-turf-pitch, which has allowed their usual paddock to regrow and green-up.

Plants and flowers are beginning to sprout and bloom all around and the new trees that the students planted in November have established well and are beginning to bud.

The afterschool clubs have sprung-up again in separate Year Group bubbles: Year 8 on Tuesday, Year 7 on Thursdays and Year 9 will be starting after Easter. With this, the whole area has been undergoing a makeover and the Year 7 Open Spaces Club have helped to rake out a new path, which makes life much easier as they no longer have to wade through muddy puddles to feed the animals.

The OS crowd-funding page earned enough money for a new shed, which has now been delivered – much gratitude goes to all those who kindly made a donation. The old shed has been taken down to make room and the students have been busy tidying and preparing the area in readiness for the new shed to be erected.

Guinea pigs Gordon and Gino are grateful that the weather is warming up; they have been moved into a newly repaired bigger hutch and they love to bask in the sun in their own special area in the orchard.

The chickens are happy in the orchard too and are laying plenty of fresh organic eggs. They have been sheltered from the wild birds due to the avian flu outbreak, but will soon be able to wander a little further. Meanwhile, the ducks have now partnered up and are happily waddling around school grounds.

The group would like to say a big thank you to the Co-op for their help through their Local Community Fund scheme, along with those who chose Open Spaces as their chosen charity. Over £1000 has been donated so far, which is fantastic!

In addition, they are very grateful to WCF who generously support their work by donating vouchers to buy food for the animals, ducks and chickens.  THANK YOU!

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