Key Stage 3 Curriculum Languages

As part of our commitment to increasing opportunities and facilitating a broader curriculum, students in Key Stage 3 will be studying two languages: French and Spanish this academic year and beyond. Previously, students studied a single language (French) until the end of Year 9, with some classes in Year 9 accessing German.

There will now be 1 hour of each language in Years 7 and 8. In Year 9 there will be two hours of French and one hour of Spanish.

We are confident that this change to include Spanish early in KS3 will enable students to develop language skills and explore varied cultures and traditions. Spanish has become prevalent in both popular culture and music, enjoyed by young people in the UK, and it lends itself to the interests of many students.  As Spain, the Balearics and the Canaries are often visited by our students the opportunity to equip children with Spanish language becomes increasingly valuable.

In recent years Spanish has proved a popular choice at GCSE and it is hoped that an earlier introduction to the language will support students’ ability to make curriculum choices at Key Stage 4. We have also introduced Spanish A-level to Key Stage 5 students this year, with a view to developing the Spanish learning journey from Year 7 to Year 13 and thereby increase lifelong opportunities for our students.

Following these changes, Spanish has not been offered as a Creative Curriculum subject to Year 9. Other languages still feature in the Creative Curriculum this academic year for the current Year 9 with German and Italian. The capacity to offer multiple languages in the Creative Curriculum is reviewed annually and according to capacity.

The Languages Team are very excited by this development and the chance to support your child in their study of both French and Spanish. Should you have any further queries, in the first instance please contact Mrs Cockburn – Curriculum Leader for Modern Foreign Languages via email or Tel: 016977 45700.

Mrs O’Connor
Assistant Headteacher

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