My Money Week Design Competition

For this year’s annual ‘My Money Week’ Competition, CET have teamed up with local business, Landmark Street Art.

For your chance to win a £50 Junior ISA or to have your street design framed – we would like you to design a piece of street art for a wall in Cumbria!

Explain the ideas behind your design and where you would like your artwork to go in your local area, for example in a school, community centre of play area.

Complete the entry form – that you can download HERE or collect a paper copy from school reception and hand this in to your school reception before 30 June 2021. Good Luck!

William Howard was the first school in Cumbria to be awarded the title of Centre of Financial Excellence in 2014. We were awarded the status due to the teaching of financial education in the PD curriculum, Maths curriculum and Business curriculum along with whole school financial education themed events.

Following our award we have run an annual competition across all of Cumbria Education Trust to celebrate My Money Week that takes place every June. Here are some previous competitions we have run…

  1. Innovia to design a Cumbrian Bank Note – In our first competition, John Walker, who designed the £5 and £10 polymer bank notes for the Bank of England visited William Howard
  2. Cumberland Building Society to design a Young Savers Piggy Bank
  3. Lake District Pound to design a note with a famous Cumbrian the winning design was a note of ex-student and Olympic Badminton player Lauren Smith
  4. Carlisle Lake District Airport to design a Cumbrian themed item for first 100 passengers
  5. More Handles to design a Cumbrian themed door and handle


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