New Tier 2 Alert Level Requirements

It has been announced that from Saturday, 31 October the Carlisle City Council area has been moved from a Medium Alert Level (Tier 1) to a High Alert Level (Tier 2) with regards to Covid-19 restrictions. The implication of this for our students is that they will all need to wear masks in communal areas from Monday, 2 November. This is a change we have to put into place, as per the Department of Education guidelines.

The wearing of masks in corridors, queuing for lunch and indeed at anytime moving around the building when not in a lesson, is now a mandatory requirement for all students in all year groups. All students will be required to have a mask with them in school at all times and will need to put it on when leaving each lesson and will be required to keep it on until they reach their next lesson. We will update our Risk Assessments ready for Monday to reflect this change.

Sixth Form students and staff have been wearing masks in school in these areas for the last 6 weeks, so this represents no change for them.

While we have been fortunate to have had only one student test positive for Covid-19 within school over the last half term, it is inevitable that the local higher infection rate may lead to more positive cases in the coming weeks. As we stated earlier in the term, if we do indeed get further cases, we will communicate with the parents of students within any affected Year Group bubble.

I thank you for your continued support and apologise for having to communicate during the half term break. However, in this case the change in the Tier for the Carlisle City Council area has imposed a new requirement on the school that we must implement on the first day back of the new half term.

Yours sincerely

Chris McAree

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