COVID-19 Related Operational Details

The following details outline how school will operate from September 2021. They are formulated in line with Government guidelines and approved by the CET Trust Board. Clearly, they may be subject to some element of change as restrictions and requirements are updated. The system within the school ensures all the hierarchy of controls are in place for the safe operation of the site while under coronavirus restrictions and guidance.

Face Coverings (Updated January 2022)

From the start of term (Jan 2022) it is expected that all students and staff will wear face coverings whilst inside school, including in classrooms and during lessons. We anticipate this is a temporary measure for a limited period of time.

Students should also wear face coverings on public and dedicated school transport, unless they are exempt. As always, we have a small supply of masks available in school in case a student needs one and these can be collected from main reception.

Self Testing

As recommended by the DfE, we continue to encourage students and staff to use the Lateral Flow Tests twice weekly. Test kits are available to pick up as students enter school each day.

Contingency Plans

The Government has made it a national priority that education and childcare settings should continue to operate as normally as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We already have plans, procedures and control measures in place to manage individual positive cases of Covid-19 and for dealing with an individual (staff, student or visitor) who displays symptoms of Covid-19 whilst attending the school.  The actions we would put in place are outlined in the school’s Covid-19 Operational Risk Assessment (below) and all staff are aware of the procedures which would be taken in the event of an isolated case.

We will continue to implement our current robust control measures which include regular testing of those required to do so; ensuring good hygiene for everyone; maintaining appropriate cleaning regimes; keeping occupied spaces well ventilated and following local public health advice on testing and managing confirmed cases.

Additional measures affecting education and childcare may be necessary in some circumstances e.g.

  • to help manage a Covid-19 outbreak within a setting;
  • if there is extremely high prevalence of Covid-19 in the community and other measures have failed to reduce transmission;
  • as part of a package of measures responding to a Variant of Concern (VoC).

This Outbreak Management Plan (V2 – Sept 2021) outlines how William Howard School would operate if any of the additional measures due to a Variant of Concern were recommended for our school or area.  This plan includes how we will ensure, as far as possible, that every child on the school roll receives the quantity and quality of education and care to which they are normally entitled.

In the case of a localised lockdown situation, further Remote Learning Expectations have been set out: Remote Learning Information for Parents (Sept 21)

Approved Risk Assessments

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