If you have a query or there is a problem, please let the school know!

Pick up the phone or write to your child’s House Form Tutor (all such calls should be made via the Student Services Centre tel: 016977 45700), or you can email the relevant Student Manager.


Year Group Teams:

Year 7 Director of Learning Mrs K. Buckley
Year 7 Student Manager Mrs K. Braithwaite
Year 8 Director of Learning Mr P. Tidmarsh
Year 8 Student Manager Mrs S. Jones
Year 9 Director of Learning Ms S. Ledger
Year 9 Student Manager Ms C. Furniss
Year 10 Director of Learning Miss V. Mulholland
Year 10 Student Manager Mr M. Dawson
Year 11 Director Learning Mr D. Anderson
Year 11 Student Manager Miss H. Elliot
Years 12 & 13 Director of Learning Mrs T. Swan
Sixth Form Student Coach Sam Meakin
Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral) Miss S. Carruthers

Other Support Staff:

Form Tutors and Bases:

Form Groups and Bases 2023-24 (Please note, details may change)