School Transport

In Catchment

If you live within the catchment area for WHS, all school transport queries should be directed to the Cumbria County Council School Transport Team:

phone icon Tel: 01228 226428 or 0333 240 6965    email icon Email: provides information on the Council’s transport policy and how to apply for it.

If a student lives within the catchment area and needs a temporary or replacement bus pass, you must contact the Council’s Transport Team as WHS Finance are unable to assist.

In Catchment – Post 16 Transport

County Council transport support

Transport within the school’s catchment area is organised by Cumbria County Council. For students entering sixth form the county council operates a Spare Seat Scheme. This offers any spare seats on catchment routes to sixth form students. However there is no guarantee given by the county council that a seat will be available. Families apply via William Howard School and the school then places a request to Cumbria County Council for a spare seat.

For details on the scheme please visit the county council’s website:

Free transport for students from qualifying ‘low income’ families will continue – apply via Cumbria County Council.

Free transport will continue to be available for qualifying students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities – apply via Cumbria County Council.

Spare Seat Scheme – The cost of a spare seat in 2019-20 is £422 for the full year, payable termly. Payments are made termly. Once a place has been arranged, the full payment for that term must be made. Any cancellations must be made prior to the start of the term.

If you have queries about post-16 transport, please contact

Outside Catchment

pdf  WHS Transport Routes

Routes We currently run five routes through the following locations:

  • Carlisle/Cumwhinton/Cotehill/Wetheral
  • Carlisle/Scotby/Wetheral
  • Carlisle/Scotby
  • Carlisle/Stanwix/Linstock
  • Kingmoor/Harker/Houghton

Once allocated, your place will be reserved on your chosen route each new academic year, unless you tell us you no longer require transport. This is to ensure all current users have priority over students wishing to use the service for the first time.


Students must have a pass in order to travel on these routes. Random checks will be made throughout the year.

If a student needs a temporary pass (e.g. visiting a friend who uses one of these routes) or a replacement pass, you must contact the WHS Finance Team PRIOR to the day of travel. Temporary passes cost £2.50 one-way, or £5.00 return. Issuing of temporary passes is dependent on space being available.

If a student loses their pass, a replacement pass must be requested from the Finance Team. These cost £5.

Please note: Transport is a payable service and your account for the academic year 2019-20 must be paid in full before Thursday, 1 August 2019 (unless paying via monthly direct debit). Failure to do this will mean the school is unable to issue a new bus pass.


Booking and cancellation

pdf  Transport Application Form
pdf  Post 16 -Transport Application Form 2020-21  (For Sixth Form Students)
pdf-icon  Post 16 Transport Policy

Places for September 2020 MUST be pre-booked by Friday, 29 May 2020.

If you wish to start using WHS Transport during the year please contact the Finance Team in the first instance via or 016977 45700 to check whether there is availability on your preferred route.

Transport charges are calculated on full occupancy of a seat for the whole academic year. Reductions cannot be made for absence due to e.g. illness, school trips etc.

When you sign the booking form you agree that once a place is allocated you are responsible for paying the transport fees for the full academic year (or remainder of the academic year if taking up a place part-way through the year).

Places can only be cancelled in exceptional circumstances, for example, moving house. However, for Year 11 and Year 13 students, places can be cancelled once their exams are complete. Please advise the Finance Office of the date of their last exam when known.

If you do need to cancel the seat booking, you must contact the Finance Office in writing to the above address or email: and return the pass immediately. Charges will accrue until we receive written notice of cancellation and the pass (this applies to Year 11 and Year 13 students as well).



The annual cost of transport for the academic year 2019-20 was £840 (£4.42 per day) – this figure has not been confirmed for 2020/21.

Most parents pay by Direct Debit over 12 months which helps save the school time and money in processing payment, and spreads the cost for parents (working out at £70/month). Please note that Year 11 and Year 13 students are not charged for the final three weeks of the year to recognise exam leave.

pdf  New Direct Debit Form

Alternatively, we can invoice termly, with payment due within 30 days of invoice. Payment can also be made by cash, cheque or credit/debit card (please contact the Finance Team on 016977 45700 to make a payment), or through the payment page within the Parents menu on the website.

If you opt to pay via termly invoice, please note payment must now be made in advance. Payments for the Autumn Term will be required by no later than Monday, 3 August 2020.

Failure to pay for transport will mean the school may refuse transport. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact the Finance Team to discuss your situation and agree a repayment plan on manageable terms.