Pastoral Update (May 2021)

Dear Parent
As we move to the end of this half term, ready for what I hope will be a restful and enjoyable half term holiday for all, I am writing to give you some key information relating to behaviour and uniform expectations within school.


We want to work with parents to help reinforce our expectations and ensure that students are wearing the correct uniform, as per the school uniform policy. Our goal is to have all students at William Howard School wearing their uniform with pride to help embed a sense of belonging and being part of the school community. The following information is from our uniform policy, which we will be monitoring closely as we return:

Trousers: These should be normal school trousers. They should not be in the style of jeans or made from denim or any other heavy cotton or cotton-type material, they should not be overly tight or ‘skinny fit’ to the leg, or have visible zips on the pockets/seams or other adornments. Trousers must be long enough to cover the top of the shoe, and not be noticeably short.

Socks/Tights: Plain black, white, grey or navy socks or plain neutral/black tights should be worn – other colours are not allowed. No patterned, striped or frill/ruffle top socks are allowed. Socks need to cover the ankle and overlap with the bottom of the trouser leg. No trainer liners.

Shoes: Plain black shoes that can be polished – sports trainers (such as Nike Air Max etc) or canvas shoes are not acceptable. No coloured logos or coloured stitching, trim, soles etc.

WHS Blazer and tie: Both items of clothing should be worn at all times, unless given permission by a member of staff, (including when coming to school and leaving to go home).

WHS Jumper: The WHS specific blue jumpers can be worn at the discretion of the child, but no other jumper/hoody should be worn in school

Behaviour Expectations

Mobile Phone Use

For the vast majority of the time in and around school, the behaviour of William Howard students is excellent. We have polite, considerate and well-mannered students who are proud to be part of WHS. I would like to remind you of our expectations regarding the use of mobile phones. As mobile phones can be a barrier to learning, from the first Monday back the expectations will be as follows:

  • Phones are only to be used during social times
  • Phones must not be seen or used at any other point, as from the start of P1 (8.45am) to the end of the current school day (2.45pm)
  • If phones are seen during the school day, outside of the social times, they will be confiscated until the end of the day and they will be stored in a safe place
  • If a child refuses to hand over their phone, we will be left with no choice but to escalate the management of defiant behaviour in line with our behaviour policy

We hope that students can be responsible for their use of mobile phones during the appropriate social times, which is why we are not issuing a complete ban on them. I would also like to ask for your support as parents by not attempting to contact your child during lesson times. If it is urgent please call the main school number and we will make sure any messages of importance/urgency are given to your child.

Relaxation of geographical bubbles

All students have been made aware that, as we return after half term, the bubble system that we have been operating after the first lockdown will be changed. This means that all students will be able to access the specialist teaching areas around the school. Year 7 students are completing a tour of the school today to make sure they are familiar with all of the school site, which they have previously not been allowed to access. We will continue to have specific areas and toilets for all year groups, until the government guidelines change. This will mean that students can only access their designated toilet area and food area during the day, which they must comply with as part of the Covid risk assessment we have in place. Year 7 and 8 students are to enter the school via the Maths corridor entrance to the left of the front of the school building, with Years 9,10 and 11 students entering via the Main Reception. Sixth Form are to enter via the door at Student Services. The middle gate, where Year 10 students have been entering, will now be locked.

As always, I would like to thank parents and students for working together to ensure that William Howard School is a place where everyone can thrive and excel. I wish you a restful half term holiday and look forward to welcoming students back on Monday, 7 June.

Yours faithfully
Mr O’Connor, Assistant Head Teacher – Pastoral

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