Paving the Way to a Future in Highways

Last Friday, forty Year 10 students visited the Highways Agency’s Construction School in Carlisle. The aim of the trip was to promote the importance of Science Technology Engineering and Maths in the real world, as well as raising an awareness of apprenticeship opportunities in the area.

They took part in sessions on Civil Engineering and Asphalt Engineering; and learned about Healthy & Safety and the importance of appropriate behaviour on a modern construction site.

The highlight for many of the students (and Mr Ling) was the opportunity to programme and try out a GPS/computerised road painting machine. They were even allowed to paint white lines on the ground of the compound.

The group was shown the plant used to lay road surfaces and were given a driving tour of the development scheme on the motorway.

Their attention was drawn to the wider job opportunities and roles available. One of the agency’s ecologists talked to the students about the environmentalist issues they encounter; and how they safeguard wildlife with measures such as bat bridges and planting wild flowers on roadside verges.

Everyone returned to school full of enthusiasm and excited by the range of job opportunities available in this sector.



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