Poetry Workshop Day

On Thursday, 27 February, four members of Brampton Poets visited William Howard School to conduct two workshops with the aim of introducing the students of Year 9 to the mechanics of poetry, its appreciation and creation.

Brampton Poets was born a few years ago as a group of enthusiasts interested in writing and reading poetry. Last year, the group published its first collection of poems, which is now coming to the end of its second print run and is on sale in a number of retail outlets in and around Brampton. Following the successful marketing of the collection, the group then turned to offer its services by way of workshops in schools, public readings, etc.

Beginning with a number of group exercises aimed at encouraging thought, imagination and expression, the students moved to the creation of their own poems, still in groups. Some of these were read out. The poems produced proved to be imaginative and entertaining, and it was evident that many of those present gained much from the exercise.

John Langley, Chair of Brampton Poets and himself a published poet, stated that he had moved from not liking poetry, which he thought was for ‘posh folk,’ to being fascinated by words and pictures. David Bamford, who devised and led the workshop, said that the aim of  this kind of exercise was to break down barriers that often exist between people and poetry, to help children to engage with the creative exercise and realise – in both senses of ‘perceive’ and ‘make real’ – a spirit of creativity within themselves. He added that he gave full credit to those in William Howard School who had had the confidence to invite the poets to conduct the workshops.

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