Priority Childcare for Key Workers

Dear Parents

Now that we know that schools will close from Monday, 23 March 2020 for all children, we are planning for the necessary arrangements for priority childcare. We are currently looking into how we might open to provide this childcare in the short term. As with the rest of Cumbria, we are working to ensure that key essential personnel such as NHS and social care employees can attend work, knowing that childcare provision is in place. This will enable them to care for seriously ill people and ensure public services are maintained.
We need to find out what sort of immediate demand there might be for us, as a school, to open and we need to help Cumbria County Council identify long term demand, so they can plan such provision effectively. We are asking families in these circumstances to give us the following key information by 9.00am tomorrow (Friday, 20 March 2020).
If you require priority childcare, please complete the following survey by 9.00am on Friday, 20 March:

This morning we also sent out the Cumbria County Council’s online form at the following link, which we would also like you to fill in:

The information collected will be deleted for both surveys if it is not required.

We will keep in close contact with all parents as we work together with Cumbria County Council to ensure we can provide the best possible support to our children, parents, county and country. Once we have the above information we will write to parents to inform them of arrangements for next week.

Yours sincerely
Mr Chris McAree

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