Remote Learning Guide & IT Support

Students will be set work according to their timetable each day of the normal term, through the school’s Virtual Learning Environment (Firefly).

Whenever possible, the Sixth Form will also have video conference lessons to support the work set on Firefly.

A guide on how to access the work and systems is here: Remote Learning in the Event of School Closure

We are offering a support service to students who are unable to access their school resources. We will be able to help with login issues for the VLE and Office365, as well as guidance on how to download Office365.

For support, please email and a technician will contact you as soon as they can. Please provide as much information as you can in your email, including your login name, and screenshots if possible. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PASSWORD.

Please bear in mind we will be prioritising helpdesk requests, and cannot offer support for issues with home computers. We will also need to validate your identity before we can reset passwords.

Firefly Student App

There is a student app for iOS and Android and we suggest this is used to enable students to keep track and access all work set. The app can also be used on an iPAD. You can also access the VLE via the link on our website. Students use their usual school password to access the platform.

The school code required is: WILLIAMHOWARD

This link will give further information about how to use the app:

Completing Work

Work should be completed in the students’ exercise books, which they should now have at home.

We know that some students will be running out of room in books, or may not have theirs at home currently. If that is the case, please use any suitable paper, or exercise books that you may still have from previous years.

The work will be checked on their return to school – in the weeks after Easter, as it becomes clearer what the length of the closure will be, we will advise how we might be able to do some assessment remotely.

For students with no internet connection, printed work will be sent home weekly.

Departments will be monitoring that students access the tasks set, and all staff will be available (health permitting) during the students’ normal timetabled lessons by email, to help support with work. Heads of Department are also contactable via the contacts page, if needed.


CET Secondary students are entitled to a copy of Microsoft Office365 for use on their home computers, tablets and phones.

Instructions on how to access and install the software can be found here:

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