Scenes from History

The History Department’s extra-curricular challenge for students was to recreate an event from History. It could be produced as a film/piece of drama, an Instagram post, a piece of art and design, a Lego model, a Mindcraft set… whichever way they liked.

Here are a few examples of the work received:

Lydia in Year 7 created a ‘Hot Trod’ in Lego. This was the legal pursuit of Border Reivers across the English-Scottish border in order to recover stolen goods from the raiders.

Liv in Year 9 recreated the grisly scene of ‘The Burning of Janet Horne’. Janet Horne was the last person in Britain to be executed legally for witchcraft in 1727.

Toby in Year 8 built a factory model from the Industrial Revolution in Lego.


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