Enrichment Opportunities

YE trade fairAt William Howard Sixth Form, extra curricular activities are very important. Students in Years 12 and 13 have the opportunity to join in a variety of activities including community work, sport, foreign visits with the school choir and bands and involvement in drama productions.

Students have recently taken part in Young Enterprise events and public speaking competitions. Additionally, Sixth Formers take an active role in the school link with Uru School in Tanzania (please see the Tanzanian link page). Here’s some of the extra-curricular activities that our Sixth Form students get involved in…

Voluntary Work Many Sixth Formers are involved in voluntary work in the local community, working primarily with local residential centres for the elderly and schools. Some students have, for example, helped older residents of Brampton with their shopping or visited elderly people on a regular basis.

The Sixth Form Committee This is made up of elected representatives from both year 12 and 13. They meet regularly to plan social events and to discuss ideas and issues. The brief of the committee is to promote student interests.

Amnesty International Amnesty International works to highlight injustice throughout the world. It is a non-political and non-religious organisation. Freeing political prisoners is one of its main aims but its scope is much broader and recent campaigns have focused on the use of the death penalty, the number of juveniles on “Death Row”, boy soldiers and violence against women.

The Amnesty Group in school is run entirely by Sixth Formers. It provides excellent experience in running a group and being part of an international organisation. The school group takes up the worldwide campaigns, raising awareness within school and organising fund-raising activities

Fair Trade Co-operative A Fair Trade Co-operative was set up by a group of Year 12 students. They look to promote fair trade awareness through a variety of activities including assemblies, visiting primary schools and product sampling.

Sport A broad spectrum of sporting activities are available to students in the Sixth form including, football, basketball, hockey, badminton, tennis, athletics and even Ultimate Frisbee. Sixth formers may also take part in the annual inter house competitions.
Football, netball, rugby and hockey teams compete in U19 county competitions. Whatever their interest or level of ability we encourage students to develop their sporting talents and skills to the fullest extent.
Community Sports Leader Award This is a nationally recognised qualification run through the British Sports Trust. It is a 10 week course after school and will appeal to A Level PE students and anyone with an interest in sport related areas. You are required to complete ten hours of voluntary work, related to sport, in the local community as part of the assessment of the course.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme In order to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award you need to learn a skill, take regular physical exercise, carry out work for the community and undertake an expedition as part of an independent team. You will be trained in a variety of outdoor skills, including navigation and first-aid in order to do this. It will require hard work and dedication, but leads to an award highly valued by universities and employers – providing evidence that you are a well rounded individual. In addition we hope you will be left with memories and shared experiences to cherish.

Engineering Education Scheme (EES) The EES is a chance to work in a team with three other students and an engineer on a real engineering challenge posed by a local company. The project lasts around six months and includes a university residential. During the project phase you will gain experience of problem solving, team working, presentation skills and project management. You must be studying maths and have a genuine interest in engineering.
Work Experience Work experience is on offer to all Sixth Form students. In recent years short-term and extended placements have been arranged in many different vocational areas such as teaching and the caring professions. This experience can be an important part of your enrichment programme in the Sixth Form and gives you valuable insights into the world of work. It may help you to decide about your future career or course at university.

Year 7 and 8 Progress Coaching Progress Coaching gives you an opportunity to work with younger students who for one reason or another have not made the progress they might make, and need a little help to do so. That help will, for example, be in the form of teaching them about organising themselves: organising their homework, organising their equipment and highlighting where they might save themselves time by making links between subjects.
The materials to help you to do this are all provided – all you have to do is attend a training session, follow the template provided and form a good working relationship with your student(s). This is suitable for anyone who wants to teach but is also a rewarding experience in itself. You might well be the most suitable person to take up the challenge if you found organising yourself difficult when you were younger!

Learning Support A number of students volunteer each year to help students within the Learning Support Department. Some students take part in a paired reading scheme. Others assist younger pupils within the classroom in their A Level subjects. This is a useful experience, particularly if you are interested in a career in teaching or any of the caring professions.

Year 7 Mentors Mentoring is a very rewarding activity that has proved beneficial for the new year seven students during their transition from junior school to secondary school and then throughout the year during registration. Mentors are extremely successful at building relationships with the students and help them settle into their new school environment as well as being a tremendous support to the form tutor.

Young Enterprise Young Enterprise gives you the opportunity to be part of a team of students who set up and run a company for a year. You develop and manufacture a product, finance and market it. Professional help and advice is provided. An optional examination can be taken by members of the Young Enterprise Team.

The Review This is a Sixth Form newspaper with articles written by both Year 12 and 13 students. The content consists of reviews of national and international news events, music, film and book reviews, cartoons etc.