Students Survey the Roman Remains Under Our Feet

A group of our Year 7 students assisted archaeologists with a Geophysical Survey of the school field on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The students have just completed an introductory module on ‘the History of Brampton’ and following on from this, they undertook the survey of the school field to locate historic remains.

During the construction of the playing fields in the early 1960s, a series of Roman tile kilns were discovered, they were partially excavated, recorded and re-buried. The aim of this survey was to locate the kilns and get a good idea of the layout of the tilery as well as any other historic features. Two geophysical methods were used: magnetometry and resistivity. Mrs Giecco of the WHS Humanities Department organised the survey which were directed by staff from Grampus Heritage and Wardell Armstrong Archaeology.

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