Superhero Leadership Masterclass

Year 12 Business Studies students took part in an online masterclass with the University of Cumbria on Thursday afternoon titled: Superhero Leadership Masterclass: The power to change me and then the world. This was delivered by Dr Steve Gibbs who spent 26 years in business leadership, and then the last 12 years as a university academic asking bigger and bigger questions about what it takes to develop good leadership across the world. He has a passion to nurture new Cumbrian leaders.

The session was interactive and allowed the students to experience a University lecture and explore the topic of good and bad leadership and identify how to impact change. The students are able to claim 8 UCAS points for attending the Masterclass should they carry on their Post 18 studies at the University. Dr Gibbs will visit school in the Spring term to follow up the session with the students.



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