Wellbeing Message to All of our Students Who Haven’t Yet Made it Back into School

We know that this is a very strange time but want to reassure you that school is still here, and so are the staff and at some point you and your friends will return.  When we are in school we feel very strong links with you and don’t want to lose this. It’s important we understand how things have been for you, the good and the not so good, so we can celebrate with you and support you.

Please let us know how you are and, if things have been difficult for you, help us to understand how we can help.  Your Form Tutor, Student Manager and Director of Learning are all here to help.

If you don’t feel like talking or don’t know how to start the conversation, your student planner has some ideas and these are on the VLE too under ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’. If you filled in the wellbeing survey thank you very much.  We are looking at your responses and comments right now.

As a school community we are here for you.  We feel very positive about being back together and hope you do to.  Please keep in touch.

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