Wordsworth Workshops

Wordsworth specialists from Dove Cottage in Grasmere came to school today to bring a ‘Living Letters’ workshop to Year 8 students. The sessions helped to develop their letter-writing skills by looking at life in the Lake District in the early 19th century. The students were encouraged to think about how communication has changed and explored letters of Dorothy and William to Samuel Coleridge, from the collections at Dove Cottage. They particularly enjoyed the chance to use quills and ink to write their own letters.

A ‘Discover Romanticism’ workshop was also delivered to Year 12 English students. This session focused some of the major writers, themes, and history of the Romantic period: who were the Romantic poets, what inspired them and how they responded to the world around them. The A Level students explored the ‘Romantic’ nature of a Wordsworth poem, asking what makes the poem Romantic.

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