Work Experience 2019

Dear parents of current Year 11 students,

One of the many ways in which the school supports students in making choices is our successful Work Experience Programme. Work experience is an important and valuable part of the school curriculum enabling students to understand key skills required in the work place and giving practical insights into future career path options.

To enable your child to take part in the Work Experience Programme, please complete the online consent form if you haven’t already done so:

If you require paper copies, or if you wish to discuss any aspect of the Work Experience Programme or placements, please contact either Mrs Hill (Careers Lead) (Email:, or your child’s Student Manager by calling Tel: 016977 45700.

Work experience is for a period of one week, from Monday, 16 December to Friday, 20 December 2019. We encourage students to organise their own work placements as the skills involved offer a valuable educational experience. It is necessary to write a letter of application to a prospective employer explaining why they would like the placement and enclosing a copy of their Curriculum Vitae. Students will be given support as required, including access to the school’s database of companies, which can be found on the Cumbria Work Experience website by following this link: (using the username and password provided in a recent letter).

There are a number of legal restrictions so some companies do not accept applicants below the age of 16. No financial support is available to assist in covering the costs of transport to and from work experience or for meals and it is illegal for employers to pay students on work experience. All placements must have Employer Liability Insurance and Cumbria Work Experience (CWE) will undertake a Health & Safety check on behalf of the school.






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